sábado, 27 de julho de 2013

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Panis et circenses

Don't bother none!


The real folk blues





Melancholy settled in my heart red of life
And there, is lodged as a parasite
As host I have responsibility for this
Forgot to lock the doors while sleeping

Therefore, I am aware of the inopportune visit
That as every visitor will have to leave one day
Until then, live your presence that feeds of my days
Silently and covertly

Disguise no pain and silence its presence, peaceful
Knowing I food the thoughts of  frustrated idealizations
As an unfulfilled promise, in which the sun's rays injure the retina
Roiling my vision in grayscale

"It's passing," they say, and I know it well. I can not watch the desired life
While it lives for me. If we can not exorcise our feelings
We must learn to control them
And the best way is to know to experience them in its nature bittersweet

Melancholy brings a selfish self-centeredness of a cocoon inside
Highly selective, rejects the most beautiful memories lived with love
Anesthesia the heart that once beat with ardor
Negative with semblance of apathy to any hope
And this is the pain

And this is pain.